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Teeny Pup Morkie Puppies

The MORKIE is a mix between a Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier.

They are a spunky happy little dog.  Both the Maltese and the Yorkie are in the Toy Breed group and tend to be under 10lbs when they are full grown.  The Morkie tend to have great personalities and are alert and easy to train. You will find that they will follow your commands very well.

Teeny Pup Morkie Puppies can come in a number of different coat colours ranging from all white to all black.  They can be spotted or solid colour cream, tan, brown, etc as seen in the scrolling pictures beside.

With early socialization they will get along with cats and other animals.

Being non-shedding is great for the fact that you won't find fur all over the house but daily brushing is important to keep their coat free of tangles.  They require hair cuts (grooming) every couple months depending on how long you like their style.

A Morkie will adapt to any size living environment be it a condo or house and require little exercise due to their size.  They do need time to play and explore.  Many people in condo's also choose to pee pad train them.

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