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Teenie Pup Yorkie puppies

The Yorkie is a Toy Breed and on of the true purse puppies. Depending on the size of the purse.

They are very intelligent and have very outgoing personalities
Teeny Pup Yorkie Puppies are great or a house but due to their small size they do make excellent dogs for a condo.

The exercise requirements are quite little as they are small and can get most of their exercise indoors with the occasional walk or game of fetch on a nice day.

Yorkie's can be good with children as long as the child in question knows how to behave around small dogs.

They also do well with other pets but like all dogs they require early socialization to become a well rounded dog

Yorkie's do not shed so require regular grooming and brushing specially if their hair is kept long. They do not shed and people with asthma or allergies will find that they are easily tolerable.

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